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Newspapers, magazines, and ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption all have a designated correction section. In these sections, they admit, apologize, and correct whatever details they happened to get wrong since the last installment went public. Given the number of errors this player has found in her ongoing RIFT geography blips on the web radar, a correction article seems to be in order.

Passing over the basic proofreading errors such as simple typos and missing words, there are some significant misses in my RIFT game features that flew into the web before I caught them. For example, when spell-check underlined the oxes part of Arcane Oxes, that should have triggered some memory of English classes past, if not common recognition. It didn’t. The article went public as Arcane Oxes instead of the proper plural, Arcane Oxen. I am so embarrassed.

That same article concentrates on the nature of “Defiants Approach” into Meridian. Miss the apostrophe once, and I could pretend the mistake was typo. The truth is, I missed it completely. I even thought to myself, at one point, “That really should be Defiant’s, with an apostrophe,” and I STILL didn’t see it there! My apologies to Defiant’s Approach and the RIFT online developers who named it.

But the worst offense, to my mind, is the repetition of “Scarred Mine” in two separate articles. The first was a casual mention in the article on the peace and quiet of Rill Pond. I could almost overlook that. But the second article was devoted to “Scarred Mine” specifically. This player wrote it as she was completing her quests there. The quests took a reasonable amount of time. Certainly, they took more than enough time for this player to notice at some point that it was “Scarred Mire!” MIRE! Not MINE! MIRE!

I’m ashamed to say that I only caught the mistake days afterward, quite by accident, when a general call to arms flashed across the screen calling for help at Scarred Mire. My first thought on seeing that? “Hey! They got the name wrong!” Until a sneaking suspicion and dread came upon me, “Wait a minute…. Surely I didn’t misread-!”

Oh, yes. I had. Misread it completely.

There. Now, I feel better. I’ve admitted my mistakes, determined to read my game window more carefully, and am ready to tackle my next geography lesson in the rift-plagued world of Telara.