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Archive for May 2010

Cardio Exercises

One of the most hazardous activities which have been adopted by several people today is that of smoking. In spite of knowing the risks of this habit, people do not quit it. Many a men have been seen to smoke 20 to 30 cigarettes on average on daily basis, just because of its addiction. It seems quite hilarious to observe this condition that you can see the fire and still you are dying to pass over it.

Are You Addicted To Smoking

A chain smoker gets older before time. Most of the smokers realize this when they reach the age of 40, as now they feel what they have done to their health because of this life threatening obsession.

If you are in your teen ages, then you would definitely get offer to smoke from your friends and class mates. This is the actual time when a person gets inspired by this seemingly cool activity and hence starts smoking without any reason. Sooner, it becomes an addiction and we try to find the escape from our tensions and exhaustion in smoking.

Research in smoking has proved that it’s the most well known reasons of heart attack in men. The ratio of women smokers is comparatively less than men, and therefore heart diseases are also more in men.

Now how can we remain away from this health menace? Well, as a parent it’s your major responsibility to guide your children with lover and friendliness about the negative impacts of smoking. Obviously they would be fascinated when their friends make it a symbol of style, but if they are aware of its risks and long term effects, then they would think at least 100 times before taking a cigarette in hand.