The Ducan Diet

The Ducan Diet

The Ducan Diet is a very complicated diet program. There are 4 phases and if you slip up you need to start the program all over. Phase 1 is 2 – 7 days its length depends upon the amount of weight you have to lose. During this phase you eat low-protein like chicken, fish, turkey and tofu. You drink lots of water and take 1-1/2 tablespoons of oat bran to keep yourself regular. Then in phase 2: which is done every other day, you can add low-carb vegetables until you reach your goal. The 3rd phase of The Ducan Diet, allows you to add one piece of low-sugar fruit, two slices of whole grain bread and one serving of cheese each day. Also during this phase, once a week you are allowed one cheat meal. Then phase 4 is the maintenance phase of the program. In this phase of The Ducan you can eat anything if you follow these rules: three tablespoons of oat bran and 20 minutes of walking each day and one pure protein day a week.

What Works: In phase two, the protein seems to keep you full better than carbs do. You’ll rarely be hungry, as this is a diet that allows you to graze. Breakfast is 2 hard boiled eggs or non-fat Greek yogurt, lunch is sliced turkey with mustard. Then dinner is whit fish with lemon plus the required oat bran. It’s not exciting but it does work.

What didn’t work: phase one was incredibly difficult. Trading cereal and greens for all protein is hard on the digestive system. You are likely to crave fruit and want it before phase three. Also with the Ducan Diet, wine and beer are totally off limits.

In conclusion, the Ducan Diet, is essentially the Atkins Diet that has been further tweaked. So if you are willing to follow this strict rigid diet you will lose weight but it gets old fast. It was Princess Catherine, who made the Ducan Diet popular as this was the reported chosen diet to help her get wedding ready.

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