Your information about RADISH HEALTH BENEFITS.

Your information about RADISH HEALTH BENEFITS.

Radish health benefits,everyone knows radish. Every spring, until late summer, we enjoy the radish salad is irreplaceable. But radish has a lesser known sister: black radish.

Black Radish belongs to cruciferous family, that those plants which have four petals in a cross. This is higher than regular radish, almost as an apple, with a thick shell, black and white core. Its origin is lost during ancient Egypt, but the Romans who spread it in Europe.

However Black Radish is a fountain of health which we should know as much. She has a great quality: to be rich in vitamin C, B1, magnesium, iron and calcium. These elements allow the plant to be an excellent drainage for liver and gallbladder, increasing the amount and flow of bile.

Radish health benefits,eliminating toxins is so relieved.

That’s why black radish is often used to care for liver and biliary disorders, such as hepatic colic, hepatic origin migraines, allergies, digestive etc.

Also your stomach problems will find relief. Consequences of binge eating can be better combated in a natural and effective. In fact, present in large amounts of fiber and water will promote bowel movements and constipation will remove transient.

Radish health benefits has an antibacterial effect on the digestive flora and is very good in treating coughs, when it is consumed as juice.

It is true that black radish may have two negative effects, uncomfortable bloating and bad breath.

How can you eat? Black Radish is often eaten raw in salads, and simple, once grated. Of course you will take care to clean the skin. Take care.

Rather spicy taste can capture.
In the kitchen, the vegetables can be a perfect garnish for foods that are tender or slightly oily texture, such as salmon, avocado and chicken liver.

To prepare it, is enough to choose how to use.
Juice when we need them to relieve cough, have to do this: cut a cap in radish, as do the watermelon and put a teaspoon of sugar.
Leave overnight and morning we noticed that the juice has already begun to gather. Take a teaspoon after meals. Every time you take the juice, is one more teaspoon of sugar. The juice is extracted by sugar, and radishes will shrivel.

No black radish driven from your life. We can help when not expected. How much you can take advantage of its beneficial effects.
Unlike most of radish, black radish (Raphanus sativus) is grown for medical purposes rather than for food. This plant is hot, white inside with a thin black coating,radish health benefits.
Note that it is extremely important to have a clear diagnosis before applying a treatment with this plant. Many illnesses have similar symptoms: if you treat a disease that not only treated you or a symptom of a disease complex is thus possible to delay treatment of a very serious problem. In other words, the greatest danger is if you treat yourself to put your own diagnosis. If you do not know what disease you can not treat it!

Radish health benefits is high in sulfur, potassium, iron and magnesium.

After long, black radish roots were used in Europe as stimulating gastrointestinal tract, as cleansing and calming of bile. Obtained from black radish root powder is often used in treatments for liver, bladder and digestive system.

Botanica: Raphanus sativus, Raphanus niger
Family: Brassicaceae (cabbage), Cruciferae (mustard)
Other common names: Spanish Black Radish, Raifort, long Spanish Black Radish

Black Radish is a high nutrient content, which is beneficial for the liver, bladder and digestive system, while also help remedy the deficiencies of vitamins and also aid the thyroid and respiratory system. Moreover, Black Radish is an effective antioxidant that combats aging, colds and flu.

Radish is a root timber which is believed to have originated in southern Asia, but there have been many speculations over the years about her true ancestral origin. Ancient writers believed to have originated in the Middle East, but subsequent studies have claimed that China, in the Mediterranean and Caspian radishes grow certain species. Radish has a history that goes past hundred years in Egypt, Greece, Rome and China, both as a medicine and as food. Drawings on Egyptian tombs in 2000 BC depicting black radish, and the Greek historian Herodotus (648-625 BC), writes about a radish as important root crop offered to Apollo. Root crops as a group, were considered the main food companies around the world since antiquity. Radishes are many colors and sizes, in Romania, the most common being the white and red. Black Radish is a bulb shaped black or dark brown, and when it is peeled white is solid, spicier and more dry than other varieties. Some gardeners grow radishes black radish black Spanish or Spanish rodunde long which makes them good rich soil, moist and well drained out in the sun. Black Radish reached England in the 16th century and was recorded as follows: “Black Radish Root was brought to England in recent years and now are becoming a common vegetable.». in the book “Herball” written by Gerard in 1597, he noted four species of this vegetable, and Nicholas Culpeper, in a century – a century recommended for urinary dysfunction, kidney stones and sand though despised as food. In 1768, Philip Miller said that Spanish Black Radish is used mainly for medical purposes as well as edible winter because it has a long lifetime, and the U.S., radishes and other root vegetables were well known for natives. It consumes the most people is one that grows in the ground, but the leaves are edible, although it uses more plant-based medicine to treat indigestion and constipation with a very large effect on the liver. In China it is used to treat abdominal distension. Here are some elements of black radish: vitamins A, B, and E, protein, fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, fatty acids, linoleic acid, acid and sulfur alfalinolic.

Advantages radish health benefits.
They say black radish has a large effect on the liver, activating and regenerating its cells. This acts as a substance that stimulates production of bile from the liver to the intestines, liver reconfortand and helping to detoxify and purify it. In this way clean, purify blood and sand from the bladder.

As a diuretic herbal, black radish increases urine production, which plays an important role in the digestive process and facilitates eliminerea food that remains stagnant and toxic. It also says that it has antibacterial effect that helps eliminate pathogens through the digestive tract and used to reduce indigestion, abdominal bloating and acid regurgitation (acid reflux).

Black Radish contains many vitamins and minerals are useful for deficiencies of vitamins and is rich in vitamin C especially, which is effective in combating scurvy. Black Radish is especially useful in winter, fighting infections and free radicals. It is also considered as antiviral, fighting the flu,radish health benefits.

Rafanina content of black radish helps hold steady level of hormones secreted by the thyroid gland and is believed to help in cases of hyperthyroidism or Graves disease. All cruciferous vegetables stops the natural production of thyroid hormones, but best of all is black radish, and in Russia, Black Radish was long used as a treatment for thyroid problems or those related to hormonal balance.

Black Radish is a source of fiber which is slightly laxative and tonic on the bowels is very useful for constipation. It was also used to maintain respiratory health and is believed to cure bronchitis, colds, flu, sore throats and coughs.