The ultimate meal replacement for weight loss and improved energy levels

The ultimate meal replacement for weight loss and improved energy levels

ProThin is a low calorie meal replacement,

based on a highly researched natural formulation

that sets it miles apart from others

When used as a substitute for one or two

ProThin will leave you satisfied, fully energised and with a reduced

to a maximum of 265 calories per meal.

fibre (compared with leading brands), to leave you feeling full

The correct vitamin profile for optimum

energy, so that you don''t feel tired and listless while dieting;,

correct mineral profile to maintain healthy tissues and immune

system, so that you don''t fall ill on or after a reduced calorie

protein which promotes weight loss and maintains healthy tissue

to support the most effective weight loss;

ProThin''s formulation will leave you feeling

energised for hours, probably with more energy than usual. You will

feel full, satisfied and avoid hunger pangs.

This is because ProThin''s unique formulation

convinces the sensors in the stomach that you have eaten enough

"bulk" food and have absorbed enough protein, fats, vitamins

and minerals to tell the brain that the stomach is full.

Without this message, the sensors will instruct

the brain to produce special compounds, which drive us to eat more

- our desire to eat increases considerably and the diet goes out

What can you do to improve weight loss?To lose weight, you have to use up more calories

than you take in and your body has to be convinced that you are

If it is not convinced, the cell mitochondria, which are responsible

for burning fats and sugars to produce energy, begin to shut down.

You will feel tired and you will not lose weight.

your body that it is not entering starvation mode, even

though you are only taking in 265 calories. You can then improve

found that 30 minutes of exercise, only 3 times a week, but enough

to give you a high heart beat, increases your mitochondria, which

increases the rate at which you burn energy, even in a resting state.

be a brisk 30 minute walk, perhaps at lunchtime and only 3 times

You can increase the mitochondria by up to 5 times

the starting level, with the consequent fat and weight loss, if

you exercise more times each week.

Low in fat, high in fibre

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